Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fling the Green & Gold Afar

One of my very favorite weekends of the year is Baylor Homecoming. All my friends come back to Waco for the festivities and there is so much going on around campus. Waco is completely packed.
Play date with my good friend, Britni, and her sweet girl Ava! Maddi and Ava are only 2 1/2 months apart.
 Friday night we went to the bonfire held on campus. My parents were nice enough to watch Maddi for us so we could have a date night. The fire was HUGE and so HOT. It felt like I was getting sunburned! But it was so pretty. :)

They had the Baylor women's basketball national championship trophy and RGIII's Heisman Trophy on display! SO cool!

Saturday morning we went to the Homecoming parade, which is the largest collegiate parade in the country! All the sororities and fraternities enter huge floats, the Homecoming court is in the parade and other community entries. It is so much fun! 

My roomie after I graduated

Sic Em!

Haley and I were in Tri Delt together. Her son, Charlie, and Maddi are a  few weeks apart :)

Sweet Christie and Charlee! Maddi and Charlee and best friends and they don't even know it yet. 
Charlee and Maddi in their BU cheerleading uniforms haha


Old roommates

After the parade, we went to Dr Pepper Hour on campus. Every Tuesday afternoon during the school year, Baylor has Dr Pepper Hour with the most amazing Dr Pepper floats you will ever taste. So of course we all have to have two floats at the parade. :)

Maddi about to try her first Dr Pepper Float

Ava and Maddi Go Bears!

hmm I don't know what I think about this....

and she LOVED it! She kept wanting more haha

and Round 2

Old roomies with our babies :) Ava (center) was born in November, Sophie (left) was  born in December and Maddi was born in February! 
They were little wiggle worms while we tried to take their picture
 After the parade, we went to the Bookstore to see Spencer's mom, who was doing a book signing for the two children's books she wrote! The book plays a few songs while kids can color the pages. Spencer's sister, Kaley, sang the songs in the book.

We were supposed to go to the game....but little Miss Maddi was done for the day. It was SO hot and SO humid. We were all miserable so we left and watched the game on a nice comfy couch in the air conditioning. :)

Sunday afternoon we went to lunch with Spencer's family. I have those pictures on my phone and haven't uploaded them yet. Kaley's little boy fell asleep while I was holding him. It was the cutest thing. He never does that! I guess Auntie Em has the magic touch! haha After meeting them we went to meet my parents and brother at lunch. Betsy didn't make it down so we missed seeing her!
Uncle Allan and Maddi :) 

Homecoming was so much fun this year. We got to see so many people and hang out on campus, which we hadn't done in a while. I love Baylor and am so thankful that I was able to go to an institution than emphasized my spiritual health as well as my education.

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