Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Square One Halloween Fun

Back in September, I joined a group through our church called Square One that is for new moms with babies 0-6 months old. It was such a blessing to me! Even though our group finished the curriculum through the church, all the girls still meet once a week with our babies! We take turns going to each other's houses, have Mom's Night Out, etc.

So of course when you have little babies and its their first Halloween, you just have to take them to a pumpkin patch. Just look at facebook if you don't believe. EVERYONE goes to a pumpkin patch. Our playgroup went to Whole Foods and of course everyone shopping there had to stop and stare.

I don't think we got one good picture

All the pictures involved at least one baby crying, and pretty much all of them not looking at the camera

For Halloween, one of the girls in our playgroup hosted a Halloween party! It was the cutest thing. All the babies had on the cutest costumes! It was pretty hilarious. I'm pretty sure our kids will hate us when they grow up. haha

The three little pumpkins. Ignore the UT logo...sick

I am so thankful for my Square One playgroup. These girls are such an encouragement to me and provide such a wonderful friendship. We always take pictures of our babies...maybe next time we'll get one of us, too! ha!

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